Happy Days Are Here Again!

For this month’s article, I was planning to finish the third part from the previous month’s article, but seeing that it is the beginning of the new year, I wanted to take this opportunity to relay to each and every one of you how special last year’s events were. As many of you know, the Lord began to lay it upon my heart to hold one night rallies throughout this nation with one message in mind—Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Boy, what a year it was! Each city was special and unique in and of itself, and the results were mind-blowing.

We began in Birmingham, Alabama, where you could literally feel the electricity flowing through that auditorium. The Spirit of God moved in a tremendous way, and we saw hundreds of people walk down that aisle to say yes to Jesus Christ! To be completely honest, I was extremely nervous, for I really did not know what to expect. However, the Lord knew, and He moved upon the service in a tremendous way. To say I was pleased would be an understatement; I think I could say that I was ecstatic! The people were hungry, and they came to receive something from the Lord, and boy, did they ever!

Our next stop was to the great city of San Antonio, Texas, and once again, the Lord did not disappoint. People came from all over Texas, as well as California, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. They came to experience the presence of God. When I gave the altar call that night, the altars were flooded with people who came forward to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. There were tremendous testimonies that came out of that particular service that I do not have the room in this article to share, but I will say this: those who came forward will never be the same again.

The following month, we drove to Lakeland, Florida. Yes, you did read that right; we drove to Lakeland, Florida, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You may ask, “Pastor Gabe, why did you drive to Lakeland?” Well, when we set out to do these rallies, we knew that flying would be too expensive, and we wanted to save as much money as possible.

Of course, the weight of the added expenses weighed heavily on my mind. While asking the Lord for His direction, my secretary called me and told me that a dear friend of this ministry felt led of the Lord to drive us to Lakeland absolutely free. He is a personal friend of mine, who lives in the great state of Pennsylvania, and whose family owns a charter bus company. The only thing that he requested was that we pay for the gas and a hotel room, to which I said "yes"! Todd and Tonya, I cannot thank you enough for what you did for our group. We simply could not have done this without you. That Friday night, the Lord laid a word on my heart, “Ere The Lamp Of God Went Out In The Temple Of Our Lord,” and we saw hundreds of people flood that altar to accept Jesus Christ. Personally, I felt that this was a turning point for our meetings, meaning that I felt an anointing upon me that I had not personally felt in the previous two meetings. I believe that it was just the beginning of things to come.

The very next meeting was special to me, for we would venture in the great city of Spartanburg, South Carolina, where we would hold our Rally in the same exact venue where my grandfather held a crusade some 24 years previously. It was the one I was looking forward to the most, and it was the one that I was most nervous about. This auditorium was the biggest venue of the year, and I did not know what the response would be. My heart was pounding as I would begin the drive to the auditorium, but was completely overwhelmed to see the people literally wrapped around the venue. The place was nearly packed to capacity, and God moved, once again, in a tremendous way. As well, Todd and Tonya were so kind to drive us in their charter bus from Baton Rouge to Spartanburg, and back to Baton Rouge. It was a tough trip, but well worth the drive.

We capped off our year in Jackson, Mississippi. Now, for those who may not know, I am part Mississippian. My mom was born in Mississippi, and I have family still living there, most notably, my grandfather, Junior Robertson, who lives in Louisville, Mississippi. I had planned to go to Jackson so that much of my Mississippi family could come and be a part of this service. Thankfully, many of them were able to come. This particular service was probably the best one of the year, for the music was so powerful that the people were filled with electricity and were ready. I preached on the subject, “The Doctrine of the Baptism With The Holy Spirit.” We saw hundreds come forward, with many receiving the Holy Spirit. It was a tremendous moving of the Holy Spirit that night, and it was a night that I will never forget. It was great to have many of my Mississippi family there, but Jill and I were very pleased to have my sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Cliff, and their two children, Harper and Harrison, there with us. As well, Cliff's parents, Marion and Wilna, were also able to drive from Georgia to be with us in that service. My grandfather, Junior Robertson, was able to come, and I was so pleased to have him with us, for without him, this service would have been incomplete. In addition, to have my grandparents and my mom drive over from Baton Rouge to meet us was quite an honor. I believe that one of these days, I’m going to be able to have all of my family come together to be in one of these rallies with Jill and me to be a part of what God is doing through these services.

In closing, as excited as we are about what God did last year, we are even more excited about what God is going to do this year. I cannot wait until February, for we will be going to one of my favorite cities, Charlotte, North Carolina. We will be at the Ovens Auditorium in that great city. So, if you live in Charlotte or anywhere around Charlotte, it will be worth your time to be a part of the Gabriel Swaggart Rally, where the Spirit of God is moving and lives are being touched and changed by the power of God. These are soul-winning campaigns, and we are believing the Lord for a greater harvest of souls than what we have ever seen before, for it’s not an event; it’s a movement! As the title says: Happy days are here again!

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