Are You Stressed?

Do you ever feel stressed out? Even though I can’t see you, I believe that most of you, as you read this, would answer in the affirmative either aloud or by nodding your head. Here’s another question for you: Do you ever feel as if life is beating up on you? If you answered yes to that question, then congratulations, you’re human. As human beings, oftentimes we become weighted down with the cares and stresses of life. We feel burdened to keep up with the Joneses, or the pressure to provide the best for our families and ourselves. We can become so blinded by what’s piling up around us that we fail to see what, or rather who, is in front of us.

As Christians, we are not exempt from feeling stressed out, pressured, or feeling like life has just planted a serious uppercut that seemingly puts us out of it. But again, what separates us from the world is not the what, but rather the who. A simple explanation is that Jesus Christ is right before us, waiting for us to cast every single burden we have upon Him. He’s waiting for us to lay aside our problems and troubles and trust Him. It’s easy to get our eyes off of Christ and onto our problems, but the Bible says to look beyond our problems and focus on Christ. He’s waiting with open arms to bring you peace, rest, hope, and joy. He’s waiting for you to lay down your cares and burdens at the foot of the Cross. He’s waiting for you to turn your eyes away from your problems and place them on Christ.

The answer for you is not more stuff, but more of Christ. Let Him be your burden bearer. Let Him be your Rock of Gibraltar. Let Him be your strong tower. Let Him be your source of life and peace. He desires for you to cast all of your cares upon Him by looking unto Jesus Christ with your faith anchored in what He has accomplished for you. Then, and only then, will you find peace, rest, hope, and joy even in the midst of your circumstance. Let His Word guide you; let His Word direct you; and let His Word lead you beside those still waters that will always restore your soul. The Cross works. Why not let it work for you?

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